Golf Course Monsoon Rules

Please note that we will not be marking out fairways as it obstructs with our daily maintenance work.


Animal pug marks or foot marks allowed to be raked and ball can be dropped to nearest point of relief. If bunker has casual water, a free drop permitted in a dry area of the same bunker, else failing that, ball to be dropped behind the bunker keeping the bunker in line of play.

Casual water

Free drop permitted to the nearest point of relief on fairways and roughs. However in hazards, excepting bunkers, no free Drops permitted.

Ball Pitch Mark & Divots

With the playing surface being soft through the monsoon, golfers are requested to repair pitch marks on green and divots on Tee boxes & fairways.

Golf Carts

On soft course conditions, golf carts will NOT be permitted. Further more, golfers using carts should use / ride on designated paths and avoid fairways / aprons etc.

Ball Cleaning

With soft ground conditions / over night rains, soil is likely to get stuck to balls. Golfers permitted to clean ball without penalty.


Please ensure that utmost care is taken to ensure trolleys are not taken on the greens or its apron/collar or tee boxes. Ideally, trolly's should not be taken closer than 7 yards to the greens.

It will be our endeavour to ensure that good playing conditions are maintained through the monsoons but sometimes excessive rains may not allow us to do so. Your kind co-operation will be appreciated.

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