Membership Categories

The Membership to GBGC is open to the following categories


  • Permanent residents of India
  • Non-Resident Indians (NRI)
  • Foreign nationals, residing in or visiting India i.e., expatriates


The Corporate Members shall be Companies incorporated in India or abroad, partnership firms or any other body incorporated under any national jurisdiction. Such Corporate Members may nominate their directors, partners or employees, as the case may be ("Corporate Nominee"), to use the facilities or the GBGC, subject to the Terms and Conditions and the Rules and Regulations made in this regard. A Corporate Member may request for more than one nomination for a period of time and the fee as specified in the Fee Structure attached there under.

C. SUB CATEGORIES: {Individual & Corporate Membership}

The club is offering two sub categories of membership as below:


    ALL SPORTS INCLUDING GOLF. This membership entitles the applicant to use all sports facilities including Golf course/Practice Range.


    A. ALL SPORTS EXCLUDING GOLF. This membership entitles the applicant to use all sports except for Golf and Golf Course/Practice Range.

    B. A CLUB MEMBERSHIP can be switched to a GOLF MEMBERSHIP by paying the difference of applicable fee for the duration of his/her membership tenure on a pro-rata basis. However a GOLF MEMBERSHIP cannot be switched to a CLUB MEMBERSHIP.


    1. Annual Individual Membership (Includes all facilities including golf)

    2. Annual Family Membership (Includes all facilities including golf)

Annual Memberships have been specially designed for the expats who are here for a limited duration. This is further offered for an individual or a family membership. Both Individual & Corporate membership are family memberships. Unlike most clubs across India, our dependent age is until 24 yrs.