Golf Lessons

The club has a dedicated teaching staff and coaching programmes designed for all age groups across all playing abilities. The club provides lessons for all playing abilities and more particularly special golf induction programmes have also been designed for beginners.

Experience / Background:

Teaching will involve the fundamentals of golf starting with the GRIP, STANCE & SWING. Once you pick up the basics & other aspects of the game like putting, bunker play & short game are also taught.

Beginners need not invest in golf sets, which the club provides at no cost. Only when you begin playing the sport does one need to invest in a set. We will help you with that too.

Beginners  / Induction Programme

Coaching Timings: Morning 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

    Evening 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Each session will be for an hour.

Balls will be provided by the club.

For beginners & Juniors, sets will be provided by the club.

Mandatory for all to take packages.

Unfinished lessons will not be reimbursed.


Beginners Golf Induction Programme

Max 3 beginners at one time / 20 sessions in all.

Juniors Programme

Max 3 Juniors per session / all junior programmes in the evening & weekends / 20 sessions in all.

Club Golfers Back to the basics Programme

Max 2 players / 15 sessions in all.


Members & Dependants

Juniors - For 20 Lessons Rs. 10,000/- + (14%) Taxes

Beginners - For 20 Lessons Rs. 12,000/- + Taxes

Club Golfers - For 15 Lessons Rs. 9,000/- + Taxes


Juniors - For 20 Lessons Rs. 18,000/- + (14%) Taxes

Beginners - For 20 Lessons Rs. 25,000/- + Taxes

Golfers - For 15 Lessons Rs. 20,000/- + Taxes


Ms. Jessy Pothen: / +919712988004 / 0265 6555999

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