Golf Local Rules

Golf Local Rules   W.E.F. 1ST FEBRUARY 2018

  1. Out of Bounds (Rule 27-1):
    1. (a) Beyond estate wall on Holes # 4, 6,14& 16 & beyond wall on Holes # 1/11.
    2. (b) On Holes # 3 / 13, tennis court, badminton courts & Gun house Garden.
    3. (c) On holes # 4/14, player to mandatory play 4th stroke from the designated Drop Zone.
  2. 2. Drop Zones / Reliefs (No penalty):
    1. All flower beds
    2. Ball goes on or beyond road on Holes # 4,7,9, 10,14, 17& 18.
    3. Balls on roads & paths permitted two lengths free drop but not nearer the hole
    4. Relief permitted if sapling in line of play or interfering with swing.
    5. Relief permitted if ball within Ground under Repair (GUR)
  3. Immovable Obstruction & Structure (Rule 24-2): Relief (Rule 24-2(b)
    1. Relief from interference of swing by an immovable obstruction may be obtained under the rule. This includes all structures, sprinkler heads, drainage covers, and yardage markers.
    2. Relief permitted if ball goes in Hole # 2/12 Cage without any penalty. Two club length drop not nearer the hole.
    3. Relief permitted in sunken garden falling on Holes # 7, 9 & 17
  4. Unplayable Ball in the Vegetation: (Rule-28)
    1. Unplayable ball on the in the bushes on Holes # 4,6,7, 8,9,14,16 & 17 to be played from outside the vegetation with one stroke penalty.
  5. Water Hazards (Rule 26):
    1. Water hazards marked by Yellow Stakes. No play permitted from the hazard. Play with one stroke penalty (from the point of entry)
    2. Lateral water hazards marked by Red stakes. No play permitted from the hazard. Play with one stroke penalty (from the point of entry).

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